Timeless Aussies




     I, Karen Keller , the owner/co-Breeder of the said puppy (described below), hereafter “seller”, do enter into an agreement with:  _______________________  hereafter “buyer” of said dog, for purposes of transferring ownership of said puppy.

     The said puppy is a purebred Miniature American Shepherd, formerly known as a Miniature/toy Australian Shepherd  Male/Female  sire by __________________ out of _____________.

 The puppy is a _____________with white and or copper trim.  The puppy’s birthday is __________  and registration  paperwork with __X__ NAMASCUSA and/ or AKC, are included as part of this agreement. 

     The Seller will transfer ownership of the said puppy for $____________paid in full plus shipping costs before shipping said puppy, unless stated otherwise.        _______SEE BELOW

     The breeder guarantees that the said puppy is in good health at the time of this agreement and of shipping.  The Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within (5) days of receiving said puppy.  If the puppy is determined to be in poor health, the Buyer can elect to keep the puppy, assuming all costs for its care or may return the puppy for a full refund upon the breeder’s receipt of the veterinarian’s statement regarding the puppy’s health, and stating the puppy is able to be shipped.  Not including shipping charges.  Return of puppy will be at Buyer’s expense.

     *** LIFETIME FREE PUPPY REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE – Nutrition plays a very big part in the health of your pet therefore I am offering this replacement guarantee.  This guarantee stipulates that the puppy must be fed ‘Life’s Abundance Nutritional System” which includes their food and for at least their first year during the developmental stages.   So many dogs and cats are acquiring serious life threatening health risks due to poor diet and vitamin deficiency.  I believe these products provide the optimum nutritional benefits ensuring good health and longevity for your dog.  If your puppy does not reach a minimum life expectancy of 10 yrs you will be eligible for a free replacement puppy of equal value. This does not include vet checks; eye cerfs, shots, worming, transportation or other fees.  This replacement guarantee is for the health of your puppy and does not cover accidental death, neglect, abuse or injuries that your dog may sustain while being a part of your family.  I believe that Life’s Abundance Pet Food and Supplements are a great combination to provide your dog with optimal health, so that your puppy can live a long happy life.  This Lifetime Guarantee can transfer to new owners (if you are unable to care for your dog) when there is no lapse in the use of these products.    

(added 7-5-14)******  If said puppy has not attended obedience school as well as puppy kindergarten, guarantee is null and void regarding temperament.  It is important that the puppy learns who is the boss and how to socialize with other puppies/dogs as well as people.  Should any issues arise on the buyers behalf they are required to contact breeder/owner of the puppy for guidance.  Buyer must be willing to work with the breeder/seller to resolve any issues that may come up as they arise.  Breeder recommends the video series by Cesar Milan "The Dog Whisperer", for training suggestions as well as a group obedience class.******

      The Buyer certifies, by signing this contract, that the puppy will live with the Buyer, be confined by a fenced yard (or supervised), will have adequate exercise, nutritious food, and necessary health care, including yearly vaccinations/worming.  If for any reason buyer must give said puppy/dog up, buyer agrees to contact Timeless Kennels first.  Timeless Kennel will either help re-home the puppy/dog or take the puppy/dog back for any reason.

      The breeder will supply the Buyer upon receiving said puppy and his/her health record information to date.  The puppies registration paperwork will be supplied, once proof of spay/neuter for pets is received.  Please send proof, along with first page of contract to:   80 Bobcat Springs Road, Buellton CA.  93427.


     The Buyer certifies, by signing this contract, that he/she is not acting as an agent in this purchase; that the Buyer will not resell this puppy to a pet store, guard dog business or medical research facility.   This contact is made and signed by both the breeder and the Buyer for the well being of the said puppy.   If the Buyer breaches any part of this agreement, the Breeder can and will repossess the puppy/dog.


This puppy is / is not sold with breeding rights in the future, described as follows:  Said puppy is being sold as a pet and must be spayed/neutered after 9 months of age and not bred ever.


I have read this section and agree to the timeframe to get my puppy altered (if said puppy is altered to early, the contract guarantee will be voided).


Signature____________________________ date______________________


Signature____________________________ date______________________



*The undersigned (Buyer) agrees to uphold all covenants of this Agreement to insure the well being and protection of the puppy/dog.  If Buyer breaches any part of this Agreement, Seller is released from any obligation under this Agreement.  Buyer agrees that he/she understands this Agreement fully and that this Agreement is under the jurisdiction of the State of California in the County of Santa Barbara.  It is agreed the place of venue shall be in Santa Barbara, California.



Breeder Signature________________________________________________Date____________



Address 80 Bobcat Springs Road, Buellton  CA  93427    Phone (805)688-0237



Buyer’s  Signature________________________________________________Date____________


Buyer’s printed name_____________________________________________________________


Buyer’s  Signature________________________________________________Date____________


Buyer’s printed name_____________________________________________________________





Phone#_____________________________________ Email Address____________________________


Form of Payment:   ___________________________________________________________________


 Additional terms to this agreement:


By signing this contract, you are agreeing not to register this puppy with any other registry, under any other terms other than specified on page one of this contract and what is supplied by the breeder.

The breeder may impose a fine of up to $5,000.00 for breach of contract.

If buyer breeds this dog without written consent from Breeder, breeder will impose a $10,000.00 minimum fine.

If buyer alters dog before 9 months of age, no registration will be granted.  Health contract/guarantees will be void.